For Your Body

exampleSometimes, we're a little too stressed out. Sometimes, we just need to relax, let our bodies take a calming, deep breath. To shut down from the worries of the everyday and simply, take a breather. Aroma therapy, bubble baths, scented oils and more from our collection from Body & Bath items. Click Here to see where the mission to soothe the body can take you.

For Your Mind

example It's not just about education, or grabbing the next book off of the shelf. Sometimes, to make the mind happy and feeling complete, you just need to know that you can get all the birthday, anniversary and wedding shopping done all in one shot. There's something for everyone at the Home 'n' Gift Shop & we're dedicated to consistently adding new products to ensure a wide and variable collection. Shipping to the United States and Canada, currently, and looking to expand to bring a unique shopping experience to clientele. Shop now!

For Your Soul

example We are all business men and women. Quite frankly, who has the time anymore to sit around and enjoy the simple pleasures of atmosphere. Want to go out? Too bad, the kids need to be washed, cleaned, taught homework and put to sleep. 9 am - 5 pm jobs? Ha! You'll be lucky to leave the office by 7 pm most nights. You'll have to bring atmosphere with you. Our scented candles are priced to make sure your soul doesn't suffer the usual pangs of the, 'how much?!?!' moments. Click here for scents that bring your soul a calming sense.